Music Composer [UKR]

Maks_SF is a Ukraine based music composer / sound designer with a diverse background in music composition. With 10+ years of experience he succesfully delivered his music and sounds to such companies as Discovery Channel (Expedition Unknown show in particular), Atari, Oculus, Telltale Games, Huawei etc. as well as directly to the shows like WWE Raw, American Beauty, UFC and the others. Driving with his passion to videogames Maks also scored and was featured in many PC / Mobile titles like My Friend Pedro, Demolition Derby 3, Alien Shooter series, HellSign, Elsword, 12 is Better Than 6: The Apostles and much more. Under “Entropy Zero” moniker he did several official remixes for Blue Stahli, Celldweller, Soul Extract, Scandroid and released a full-length album through Position Music. Joined forces with the KATO developer’s team Maks is armed to teeth and ready to provide the most exciting musical experience for the game.

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